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Thanks again go to Rene Larsen (RLasen on Audizine) for yet another contribution and the content for this article.

The Lap Timer is an option not enabled on the A4, I believe it was enabled on the S5 though although I don't know for sure. If you do not have the this option enabled on your car yet go to the vag com section to see how you enable it. Make sure you have the proper wiper stalk first though as you will require all of the buttons shown to use this option.

It's interesting to note that this is the only place you can view your actual oil temperature as well.


Lap TImer:
Take a close look at this image as it is the main basis for the entire operation of the Lap TImer.

Fig. 1: Controls

Calling up the lap timer
• With the ignition switched on, keep pressing the "Reset" button B (Fig.1) until the lap timer appears.

Display: Lap timer
Lap Start

Starting the lap time
• Press the top part of A (Fig. 1) to start a lap timer session

Storing the lap time
• Press the top part of A (Fig. 1) again. The time for the next lap starts simultaneously.

Recording further lap times
• Each time you press the top part of A (Fig. 1) when the lap timer is running, the current lap time is stored and the next lap time is started simultaneously (Fig. 3). Simply repeat this procedure to record subsequent laps.

Display: Lap 1-3 recorded, lap 4 started
Lap Laps

Displaying a split time and pausing the lap timer
• Press the bottom part of A (Fig. 1) to display the split time (Fig. 4). The recording of the lap time continues in the background while the split time (the top line – here #4) is displayed.

Display: Split time
Split Time

• Press the bottom part of A (Fig. 1) again if you want to pause the timer. The lap timer is interrupted and the asterisk in the bottom line disappears.

Display: Pausing
Lap Pause

Resuming recording of lap time
• Press the top part of A (Fig. 1) to resume lap time recording from the split time or pause mode.

Finishing the lap time session
• When you cross the start/finish line, press the top part of A (Fig. 1) to store the final lap time. The new lap time (which always starts simultaneously) will not be recorded if you now evaluate the lap times.

Evaluating lap times
• Press the "Reset" button B (Fig. 1) for about two seconds. A summary of key lap times appears in the display.

Overall lap time results:

+ the fastest lap time
- the slowest lap time
Ø the average lap time

Lap Results

Resetting the lap timer
• While the overall results are shown in the display, press and hold the "Reset" button B (Fig. 1) for at least two seconds to reset all data of the lap timer to zero.

Display: Lap Timer reset
Lap Start

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