.: Euro Emergency Triangle

Once again Audi has left the North America market wanting these little items that where not available here. I have a feeling a lot of my posts will start that way.

This was one of my first modifications so a little less detail but should be more than enough to get you through it.

Now this is a mild modification install so I would rate it 3 out of 10 for difficulty.


Emergency Triangle Install

Part number for the kit is 8T0 860 251

Triangle Kit



The first task is to get the liner out.
You can cut it while it's in place but that didn't seem like a good way to me. If you don't mind risking scratching your paint under the liner go for it.

You have to remove the runner strips from the edge of the trunk and they just pop out with a screw driver no problem. There are 2 screws that have to be removed one is by the handle that you use to pull the trunk closed:

The other is under the emergency release handle. This is my first mess up. I ended up braking the handle trying to get to the screw. The Bentley didn't include the proper way to get that part out.

The handle is actually 2 pieces and will easily pop apart with a small screwdriver and release the cable and allow access to the screw. It's a $3.00 part so no big deal.

You need to remove the cover over the latch and that just pops off with a quick of twist of a screwdriver at the base. These are the parts that you should have off before you remove the liner

Now once you get the screws out you will need to start popping the clips that hold the liner into the trunk. Use the picture to reference.

You wont be able to pull the cover off yet. The emergency cable release is attached to the back of the plastic handle holder. it slides out use the picture to see how it slides out.

This part is an absolute pain to get back in. when you do go to do it what I did was get in and slide it partially into place then used a long screwdriver to push it the rest of the way. Maybe it's easier when its warm I don't know. The next part is to get something with a hook like a small pick and reach through the hole and pull the cable through to the front of the trunk liner. You can see the hole and so forth in the pictures. It's small but can be done. Most of this will make sense when your doing it.

OK Now that you have it out and somewhere to work on get yourself a nice sharp box cutter.

Cut a small hole so you can slide the bottom to the Triangle holder into it. Then push down on the holder to leave a small marks to show where the clips are on the bottom. Then you can cut around those spots. Now you can stop there and adjust on the trunk or you can cut away until you have most of the area under the clip cleared away like I did. You can do it bit by bit using the holder as a guide.

The only advice I have here is don't cut to close to the edge when doing the first slit. I made mine a bit to low. Not a huge deal as all you see is the black from the holder but it could have been hidden if I had cut back about 1/4 of an inch. If you look really close in the picture you can see it when it's mounted in the trunk.




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