.: Tire Repair/Compressor Kit

Pretty straight forward addition. Cars that have the tire delete would come with this kit but that doesn't mean if we have a spare we can't have it. There is a spot in the trunk for it so all you need to do is find the parts. Ebay is your cheapest source for these units.

Now this is a no modification install so I would rate it 0 out of 10 for difficulty.


Tire Repair/Compressor Kit

Here's the part number your looking for:

Compressor: 8P0 012 615 A
Tire sealant is 8E0 012 619

There is a specific part number for the compressor but from what I can tell just about any Audi/VW/Skoda pump will fit. The difference is some of them don't have the gauge in the unit it's inline on the hose. I noticed that most of the units share the last 6 digits and the first three match the model of vehicle.


The tools you will need:


After looking at the picture looks like it may fit better sideways but it is nice and snug.

I guess we all know why they leave that hole in the back of the cover now. Audi was thinking ahead on this one allowing you to grab the air pump without taking everything out.

I should have taken some pictures with the cords and stuff out. What you can't see is about a 15' cord that goes to your cigarette lighter and a hose with a threaded coupling that attaches to the valve on your tire. The bottle you see is a tire repair fluid. You actually slide it into the slot you see on the top of the compressor. The hose from the compressor goes into the bottle and then there is a little hose that goes from the bottle to the tire. It pumps a special sealant into the tire and seals any holes.


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