.: Door Lock Upgrade

Ok so there isn't much premises on this upgrade other than the fact I wanted to see if it could be done. Now in North America all the cars come with a door lock/unlock switch in the front and lock button in the rear.  My understanding is that a lot of the ROW (Rest of the World) cars only come with a drivers door button. From what I have seen there is no reason why you can retro fit door lock switches in your doors if you wanted to. So for this write up I will include 2 items. One will be upgrading the rear for full functionality and the second will be what you need to install door lock buttons in a panel that doesn't have them.

One caution. Since I can not look at a ROW car make sure that the blanking plate in the door handle can be removed.

To upgrade the door locks I would say this is an extremely easy modification so I would rate it 2 out of 10 for difficulty. For installing new I would say 4 out of 10.


Door Lock Upgrade





Parts will vary. For upgrading the rear lock switches all you need is 2 new switches. If you are installing new switches you will also need connectors and wires. Since the doors all use the same plugs and wires I will list the part numbers you need for a single door and you can order according to your project.

8K1 962 107 A V10 (Left front and rear door switch)
8K2 962 108 A V10 (Right front and rear door switch)

8E0 972 754 (4 Pin Connector)

000 979 009 E (Wires for connector) You need 3 1/2 per door so if your only doing one door you need 4. If your doing 2 doors you need 7. So order accordingly.

Door Trim Clips: 7L6 868 243

I have door trim clips listed because you could break one or two taking the door panel off if your doing a ful install or choose to remove the door panel to swap your current switch. I highly recommend you buy a few just in case.

The Install

I'll do my best to cover this in detail considering I didn't actually add door locks. I'll cover off the upgrade first then move onto a full install.



You have 2 options here. If you are upgrading your current locks you can do this the easy way or still easy but time consuming way. The door locks are designed to come out the front of the door panel. However the clips are very tight and Audi designed them to be pushed out from behind. If you don't care about the old switches you can simply take a screw driver or anything to get the cover off and pry the switch cover off from the front. You can then pull the switch out with a pair of needle nose pliers or anything else you can grab the switch with.


Once the switch is out unplug it, plug in the new one and slide it back in.

Now the easiest way to unplug any connector is to use a small screwdriver or something to hold down the release. The same stands true for these connectors. Note that all 4 wires are in place already which is why this is just a simple switch replacement to add unlock toyour back doors.

Your done. I should note that I used this method to remove one of my locks and managed to keep the old one in working condition. Note I didn't say perfect condition. If I reinstalled it you would never know but one of the inner clips did crack. However the switches are EXTREMLY tight you wouldn't tell it ever got damaged. I'm surprised they even bothered with the spring clips with how tight they are. However don't plan on being able to reuse the old switches with this method just to be on the safe side.

Here you can see the switch seperated from the cover and a look at the damage as a result of using this method.

Now a quick look at the fiished product

Now if you prefer to try and save your switches or are doing a full install carry onto the next page.


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