.: Changing Fog/Driving Lights

If you follow the normal procedure you would take a screwdriver and lightly bend down the tabs that hold the fog light grill in place. You then remove the 2 torx screwes to gain access to the light.

Myself like many others have used this method. I did a few times until I broke the tab on my grill because it was cold out. These are way to fragile and I think Audi did a poor job of designing them. In an effort to not have to replace one more grill I'm writing this so you have a safe way to change your bulbs in the same amount of time but with out the cost of a new or broken grill.

This is a fairly easy modification so I would rate it 2 out of 10 for difficulty.


Fog Light / Driving Light replacement.



The tools you will need:

1 - T25 Screw Driver


What ever lights your going to use to replace your current lamps

The Install

Much easier to do one side at a time so just repeat the process for which ever side your working on.

For the drivers side start the car and turn your wheel all the way to the right then turn off the car.

Go into the wheel well and remove the 2 Torx screws show.

Pull back the wheel liner and you'll be able to see the back of the fog light. To remove the fog light simply turn the light counter clockwise.

Now replace the bulbs with your new ones. Make sure you do not touch the glass with your fingers. It will leave oil on the surface which creates a hotspot when the light is on. This will cause the light to fail prematurely.

Put everything back and repeat for the passanger side.

Yes it's that easy.


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