.:Hill Hold Assist

Our Final step is programming. There isn't a lot involved in this section so it should only take you a few minutes. I wouldn't put the ends back together unit you had a chance to test everything.



Hill Hold Install



The Coding:

Step 1 of 1 Enable Hill Hold in ABS Brake controller

Select [03 - ABS Brakes]

03-ABS Brakes

Select [Security Access - 16]

Select Security

Enter Security Code 61378 which is displayed in the help box.

Enter Security

If your Security code was correct you'll get this screen:

Security Code Approved

Select OK and move onto the coding.

Select [Coding - 07]

Select Coding

Select Long Coding Helper

Long Code Helper

Set Byte 1 Bit 6 from 0 to 1 Or "check" Hill Hold Assist (HHC) active

After Coding

Once you completed the coding click Exit on the top left of the screen.

You will now be brought back to the long coding screen, click "Do It!" and your done!:

Do It Longcoding

Now if your coding failed for any reason ensure you entered the security code at the beginning, and changed the correct bit as well as having the 1AT brake module. Go back to the TPMS page and re-read it.

Although it's referred to as Hill hold - aka AHHA aka (Audi Hill Hold Assist) it will engage every time you stop regardless if your on a hill or not. I love the added features of the Hill Hold.

You must have your seat belt on and door closed for it to work, as well as the engine running obviously.

Some neat things, If you take your seat belt off it will turn off AHHA and engage your parking brake. The same thing applies to turning off the car.

Some people have referred to the parking brake symbol coming on when the Hill Hold engages but this is incorrect. When the parking brake is on you will have a red symbol on the dash, when the hill hold is active you will have a green symbol.

Good luck on the retrofit and I hope this write up was useful in some way.

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