.: Upgrading to full Alarm


SURPRISE!! Audi cut the North American market short again. I can't tell you how long I looked for the alarm interior bypass button that I had got used to in MY B5!! What was Audi thinking.

So this project was to upgrade the factory North American alarm to the ROW alarm and include the sensor and over ride buttons. Over all the install isn't to difficult but it takes some careful measuring and a little bit of wiring. So lets move it along.

This is a fairly easy modification so I would rate it 4 out of 10 for difficulty.


Project Alarm Upgrade

So we'll start with installing the switch then move to the wiring.



Drill with large drill bit
Box cutter or sharp blade
Double sided pliers (not sure what they are called, check out the pictures during the install)


The Install:

The first step is to measure out where the switch is going to go. There is no markings on the door to indicate the factory location but it's pretty easy to figure out looking at the door. There isn't to much room for the switch so it's easy to figure out where it will fit.

Make sure you go in between the braces or you will have a lot of work trimming the panel to make the switch fit.

Take a pen and mark inside the switch bezel.

Now take your blade and make a cross cut in the lines.

Drill a large hole so you can get cutters in and start trimming the panel back the the lines.

Trim and test, trim and test. Be careful not to trim to much away. I got very very close because I got impatient but over all I think it was a success.

Here we are with the bezel in place.

Now with the switch in place

Now onto the wiring...


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