.: Applications

This is a fairly new section and I will add items as I have time to create them or as I find them.

The purpose of this section is to provide some coding help and other tools to make working on your vehicle a little bit easier. In time I hope to have something for everyone.



.: The Applications

Auto Test Scanner This download-able tool allows you to run test on a module to find the actual test numbers used. Finding these numbers would allow you to run individual tests on modules instead of having to go through all tests when you only want to test one item. Check out the page for more information. (A VCDS cable is required to use this program)
Engine Code Decoder This will allow you to enter your engine code and get information about your engine. It will show stock power ratings, displacement as well as other vehicles that share the same engine. You will need to get your Engine code from your PR sticker or know what it is by decoding your VIN. (just a few of the ways to obtain it)
PR Code Decoder This is a tool that will allow you to take the PR codes found on the sticker in the trunk or in the service manual and tell you what options your car was built with. If your not sure what this is check out the article on Audienthusiasts here.
SVM Error Corrector This page is for people who have software version errors after Navigation upgrades. This tool will help you generate the code to correct the error.
Vag Calc This is a tool that looks just like VCDS. It allows you to paste in a code then alter the code using check boxes and bits. This is handy for those who struggle in VCDS without the check boxes. Simply create your new code from your old and paste in VCDS when your connected to your car.
(VIM) Video In Motion On this page you will find information on How to enable VIM and be able to use an on-line tool to generate your code.


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