.: MMI 3G Emergency Update

Purpose:The purpose of this document is to dump and share my and the original Authors knowledge that has been gained by experimenting and spending countless hours and many nights trying to reverse engineer my MMI units.

Scope:This page will cover the procedure for performing an Emergency Update on the MMI system. It assumes you already have access to the Green Menu. If you not then please refer to the other articles in this section.

Objective: This page is intended to provide the AudiEnthusiasts a general guide on how to perform an Emergency Firmware update if required.

Cost: This information is provided for free, however, donations to the original author (Keldo at Keldo . com) or this site as a token of appreciation is not a bad idea.


**Please note these instructions are part of a process with a region change. Step 4 may not apply to all scenarios where an emergency update is required. Make sure you have valid firmware before starting the update.




  • 1.

Switch on the MMI 3G.

  • 2.

Enter the green menu:
Press Setup and CAR simultaneously (plus systems use CAR and MENU) hold both buttons down until the display changes to the screen shown in step 3. If it doesn't change after approx 5-10 seconds ensure you have enabled the menu and retry.

  • 3.

Green menu comes up

  • 4.

Go to System -> Internal and change to "Rest of the world" and press return

  • 5.

Go to SWDL and tick "Ignore region and variant" and press return

  • 6.

Insert your new firmware update into the MMI unit slot SD1.

  • 7.

Go to System -> and press emergencyupdate, and then press Yes.

  • 8.

MMI will now reboot and enter EmergencyUpdate screen:

Please Note: The deletion and programming processes are performed several times, until all components of the MMI have been updated. Wait until the programming process is finished and the system automatically restarts. Your input is not necessary, the flash tool will begin deleting all the existing flash information in this step.

  • 9.

Once the above step is completed the programming screen will appear:

Please note: No input is necessary from you, the update tool will perform everything automatically.

  • 10.

Once the MMI emergency update is completed, you will need to enter engineering menu to verify the version of your MMI, to do this first press Setup and Return (3G Plus use CAR and MENU) simultaneously and hold until the display changes.

Note: You can quit the software download process at any time by simultaneously pressing and holding the Tone and Back buttons for more than five seconds.

  • 11.

If the update completed successfully then you should now proceed with map installation.



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