.: Electric Folding Mirrors Cont.

We're close to wrapping up here. One of the last things to do before programming is to install the new switch and door trim. This will be a nice break compared to the rest of the install.


Drivers Door Preparation


Door Trim
Fibre Optic Light Ring
Mirror Switch

Parts assembled in new trim:
Trim Completed

T20 Torx Screwdriver
Small Slot Screwdriver

The Install:

The first step is to remove the black insulation from the back of the door. This isn't clipped in it's just placed on the door so you can just remove it from the door.

You now need to remove the torx screws that hold the door handle and trim to the door panel. Nothing tricky here just a lot of screws to undo.

The door handle will pull away fairly easily leaving the trim in place. Before the trim can be completely removed you have to release the plug for the mirror and windows.

Once you have the mirror plug undone you can pull the trim out so it's easier to work on. There is only clip that holds the trim in place so you can pull this out fairly easily.

Now you can remove the last plug without much issue.

The window switch is held in place by a couple of tabs.

I got the switch out by slipping a small slot screwdriver between the trim and switch and just popped the switch out. You can use the same method for getting the mirror switch out if you need to.

Here we are with the switch removed from the old trim.

If you have purchased new trim move your window switch over to it and reassemble the door in reverse order.

Now there is one option if your trying to save a little money. You can use the new light right as a template and drill a hole for the new ring and reuse your trim. The light ring will hold in place if you choose to try and mark the hole for drilling. Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of how you can work with it.

The final step is to do the programming. We'll cover that on the next page.

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